Login to the Personal-Admin webpage on your server by going to: http://www.yourdomain.com/personal

Login with your username and password. Submit a Support Ticket if you need any help with your username or password.

Once you login you will get into your personal admin area. In addition to the Spam-Killer there are other settings you will find of use here. Feel free to look around.

Then click on the AV-SPAM Settings menu item.

You have several options at this screen:

  • SPAM Subject Identifier: Leave set to default of ***SPAM(_SCORE_)***
    (This will be added to the front of the subject line on suspect SPAM emails that are delivered to you)
  • Required Hits: The number of hits (score mentioned before) required before a mail is considered spam. Recommended value is 4 or 5. The lower this number the more aggressive the SPAM filter. Lower this number slowly to block more SPAM. Raise it to allow more email though without being blocked or tagged.
  • Whitelist: Used to specify addresses which send mail that is often tagged (incorrectly) as spam; it also helps if they are addresses of big companies with lots of lawyers. This way, if spammers impersonate them, they will get into big trouble, so it does not provide a shortcut around SpamAssassin. You may use wildcards (*) to add a whole domain, so *@somewhere.com will whitelist the entire domain. Do not whitelist large email services such as gmail.com or hotmail.com with a wildcard. You will allow in a ton of SPAM. One entry per line.
  • Blacklist: Used to specify addresses which send mail that is often tagged (incorrectly) as non-spam, but which the user does not want. You may use wildcards (*) to add a whole domain, so *@somewhere.com will add the entire domain. One entry per line.
  • What to do with SPAM: (or Send Spam As Attachment): The system will change content-type headers of detected spam to text/plain or even make the entire email an attachment. (Can be used to disable HTML E-Mails or ActiveX components).
  • Click save to commit your changes into the system

If you need and address or domain white/blacklisted for all your users you can request the setting be done server wide rather than having to do it manually for each user. Simply email us with your request.

Once you have completed these settings you should create filters in your mail program to move the detected SPAM into a Junk Mail folder. You can find instructions here.